31 July 2009

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15 July 2009

DIRECT from New York: Ray Sepulveda headlines the 20th Annual Festival de la Isla - Vacaville, CA - Saturday Aug 15, 2009

Just in from James Barreras: it's official!

Direct from New York: RAY SEPULVEDA headlines this year's 20th Annual Fiesta de la Isla in Vacaville here in Solano County, California!

Carrying on the musical legacy of his father Ray Sepulveda Sr. of Trío Los Románticos, Brooklyn-born Ray Sepúlveda(Jr.)began his own singing career in Mayaqüéz, Puerto Rico with the group La Solución, and with La Dictadora alongside Frankie Ruíz. On his return to New York he joined with the Sociedad 76 Orchestra in 1977, contributing to their album, “The Big Apple.”

After a hiatus from the salsa music scene, he returned to the stage in 1988 with Johnny and Ray Orchestra for the album, Salsa con Clase, working with up-and-coming production wiz, Sergio George, developing an association for two more releases, Un Poquito Más and Con Sabor. At that point Ray returned to Puerto Rico to record the widely acclaimed Llegaste Tú.

In 1997 he released De Todo Un Poco with his musical director, producer Ricky González. Ray Sepulveda continued working with other artists as well in latin and jazz, including Tito Puente and Grover Washington Jr.. Check out his most recent release, Salsabor.

Here is a video clip of Ray Sepulveda performing live:

Ray Sepulveda official website:

More about the
20th Annual Fiesta de la Isla
Vacaville, CA - Saturday August 15 - 10am - 7pm

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01 July 2009

TONITE: a Latin/ Jazz Tribute to Michael Jackson - 9pm Eastern/6pm Vallejo, CA/SF Bay - OzcatRadio.com

This week's special edition of the Latin Jazz Mecca contributes to Ozcat Radio's ongoing retrospective with a Jazz and Latin Tribute to the musical memory of Michael Jackson.
Latin Jazz Mecca on Ozcat Radio
Live stream: ♫ http://tiny.cc/LatinJazzMecca
9 pm Eastern (NY MIA PR HAV);
6 pm Pacific   Vallejo, CA/San Francisco Bay

Although we will hear several cuts featuring Michael himself, this program will be a different kind of musical exploration, including a few of his many collaborators and influences, such as singer Jackie Wilson, Manu Dibango, Diana Ross, Motown's house band The Funk Brothers, rock guitarists Eddie Van Halen and Carlos Santana, producers and songwriter Rod Temperton of the group Heatwave; and MJ's greatest collaborator and mentor, Mr. Quincy Jones.

We also sample some Latin and Jazz reconstructions and renditions of some of his classic tunes, including from Miles Davis, Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy, guitarist Tuck Andress, and Chaka Khan. We will also listen to rare studio demos of his works in progress, that exemplify his rhythmic and musical instincts to effectively blend togher Funk, Latin and Jazz with R&B, Pop, Rock, Gospel and other expressions of musical humanity.

Some listeners and readers may be wondering, "What does Michael Jackson have to do with jazz or latin music?" Per a quote from the great Herbie Hancock "Jazz has borrowed from other genres of music, and has also has lent itself to other genres of music."

For starters, the young Michael Jackson actually handled percussion duties on stage with his brothers' group, The Jackson Five. Although the percussion work for the early recordings of the J5 were likely handled by members of the Motown Funk Brothers studio collective, Michael's command of percussion and ability to blend with funk is evident in the demos for his later solo recordings, as was in his dancing, which as one of the video clips below is not far removed from the Afro-Cuban Columbia and guaguanco dancers.

We can also consider, that besides late 20th century vocal and pop music itself having been heavily influenced by early jazz and jazz Big Bands, that Michael's greatest contributing collaborator, Quincy Jones, has a deep and critically respected background as a Jazz performer, composer and arranger going back to the late 1950s. As food for thought, Quincy's craftwork will be heavily featured during tonight's broadcast.

And of course, we will feature jazz and latin renditions of Michael's tunes, to hear some of the other possible expressions and interpretations that his music inspired.

Below are some links to video clips and further reading:

Essay by Jazz Bassist Christian McBride
MICHAEL JACKSON 1958-2009 : Gone at 50? My heart is in pain.

Ted Gioia from The Jazz.com Blog
Michael Jackson: A View from the Jazz Camp

[LA Times] Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson: 'We made history together'

Producer and Bassist Marcus Miller:
Rest in peace, Michael Jackson...Marcus' reflections on MJ [Jun 27, 2009]

Video clips:

Dancing Machine - w/brother Randy on Congas
(Carol Burnette Show)

Billie Jean - Music Video

Afro Cuban dancers - Guaguanco

Miles Davis "Human Nature" - 1991
(Looks like Steve Thornton on percussion-?)

Mashup: Rumbero Miguelito Does El Conga:

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