02 February 2008

When I grow up...
[video: Buena Vista Social Club]

Even after three career reincarnations and many years of being confronted with the eternal question: What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up... the answer only recently came to me:

It was sometime after visiting my father's birthplace en "la Isla Bonita", where the oldest viejitos y viejitas seem yet so young; and then after seeing great old musicos like Israel Lopez 'Cachao', Celia Cruz, Candido Camero, Graciela, Armando Peraza. Bebo Valdez, and of course, the Buena Vista Social Club...
I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grow up:

An Old, Black Cubano!

Of course The Creator had other plans; but I'll be content to settle for two out of three...

La musica ES la secreta para vida, y juventud eternal...

(music IS the secret of life, and eternal youth...)

"The Latin/Jazz Mecca" aka The Fountain of Youth

(thanks to Andrew Beal for finding the post of this clip)

Check out this video: Buena Vista Social Club - Live in Amsterdam


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